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startuxcode 03 december, 2003
startuxcode is a weblog and from that point of view it aims the same kind of goals as others do. It offers posts' submition for aproval, user registration, surveys and all that stuff we've all already seen in this kind of software. however, it does offer many new possibilities yet to be seen in other weblogs.
it offers security, reliability, an extremely powerful backoffice which allows administrators to grow the site in whichever direction they want and how to do it. it has a visual wysiwyg editor (only available using Microsoft Internet Explorer, since it is an ActiveX control), different levels of access for administrators, the possibility to add objects to posts, such as images, etc.

this is just a small part of startuxcode's features.
please visit the features page to get the whole picture.
in startuxcode a weblog is made by joining pieces together, very much like a jigsaw. in other words, it is object oriented.
it is this capability in essence that makes it different from other well known weblogs. if you want to add a feature, just build that object and glue it to the rest of the site. what objects can you add ? well, the only limit is your imagination :-)

i want to try it; how can i do it ? 03 december, 2003
the startuxcode team has not yet released any stable tarball of the code.
we are working very hard on it and we predict that in January or February, 2004, the first stable production tarball will be out there for all.
meanwhile, the code is getting more stable day by day and you can grab it out from the sourceforges' cvs with the following command:
cvs checkout startuxcode

i want to join startuxcode's development; can i ? 03 december, 2003
sure. you can join the startuxcode's comunity by joining its users' mailing list. you can do this by sending an empty e-mail to
also you can participate by submitting patches, bugs or features requests at the startuxcode's tracker (never mind about the browser's warnings; i promise one of this days i'll buy a real ssl certificate to domain) and/or joining the startuxcode's foruns.

startuxcode's engine code is Copyright © 2003 by Mário Gamito Logo