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startuxcode faq 03 december, 2003
  1. is startuxcode available in what languages ?
    right now, it is available in english only.
    we have no short term plans to make it available in other languages, since ourselves are portuguese native speakers and only know english as a non mother tongue.
    however, it is not difficult to translate startuxcode (in fact, we've translated it from portuguese to english): 90% of the text is in the database dump. the other 10% are spread through the php files. yes, we know this is bad and we have plans to get 100% of the text into the database.
    meanwhile, the backoffice interface is available in four languages: english, french, german and portuguese. just click the little yellow fish in the upper right corner of the backoffice to switch its language.

  2. does startuxcode runs on a windows server ?
    don't have a clue.
    nevertheless, the startuxcode's development team thinks that a UNIX box will always be a wiser choice.
    if you successfully run it on Windows, drop us a line. we allways enjoy this kind of feedback.

  3. is it possible to use another database such as postgresql, oracle, informix or others ?
    at this stage, in a word: no.
    however the startuxcode's development team has plans to write a database abstraction layer. but until then, don't hold your breath :-)

  4. i want to use startuxcode, but my project has nothing to do with computers.
    no problems with that. just change the topics image files in images directory, edit articles subjects, and change the articles that builds the topics accordingly to your wishes.
    with startuxcode you can build a weblog abouts sports, gardening, music, whatever.

  5. are there any web sites running startuxcode ?
    yes, one:
    the code for was more or less written from scratch and startuxcode is based on it.

  6. is startuxcode cross browser compatible ?
    as far as we know it, yes.
    it has been tested at least with microsoft internet explorer, mozilla, netscape, firebird, konqueror, safari in a variety of windows, macosx and unixes platforms and it shows the same behaviour in all of them.
    startuxcode's html is very straightforward and the few lines in javascript it contains are very simple and standard compliant too.

  7. i don't like the startuxcode's look. can i change it ?
    sure you can. just edit the right objects: interface, forms, layouts, objects, etc. follow the standard layout and you will surelly understand the idea. maybe it is a good idea to create the boxes, forms, etc. in a wysiwyg editor like dreamweaver, for example.

  8. how can i change the site's logo ?
    just change the file logo.png in images directory.

  9. how can i delete an article ?
    you don't. simply change its status from "appproved" to "to be approved", uncheck its topic box and save. the article will disapear from the eyes of the users, but will still available in the database and in the bo/ in case you might change plans for it.

startuxcode's engine code is Copyright © 2003 by Mário Gamito Logo