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startuxcode install 03 december, 2003
  1. prerequisites:
    a unix box. any of it will do the job.
    startuxcode was tested against red hat 9, suse 9.0, fedora core 1, mandrake 9.2, freebsd 4.9 and openbsd 3.4;

    mysql version 3.23.x or 4.0.x;
    apache version 1.3.x or 2.0.x;
    php version 3.23.x or 4.0.x;
    root access to mysql;
    an mta capable of sending e-mail messages;
    imagemagick if you want to resize images and wvware to display microsoft™ word documents (both very useful).
    if you don't have imagemagick, you can grab it here.

  2. installation:
    decompress the tarball to the apache directory you have chosen to install startuxcode in. decompress file startuxcode.sql.tar.bz2 containing the startuxcode initial database. create the startuxcode database and tables with the command:

    # mysql -u root -p < startuxcode.sql

    you need to know mysql's root password to do this.
    restart mysql.

    edit file config.php to meet your needs, starting by your mysql root password (although it is wiser to use a dedicated user).
    edit file bo/.htaccess and change authuserfile to your bo/.htpasswd path.

    create a symbolic link in the bo/ directory:

    # ln -s ../images images

    give write permissions to apache in cache directory, either by changing its ownership or by giving it 777 permissions. enter in bo/ admin directory with login and password "admin".
    the same to images/articles directory.

    the startuxcode development team strongly desencourages you to mess up with the database directly. everything can and must be done via bo/ interface.

  3. that's all.
    by now if you point your browser to the url you have chosen, you should see startuxcode.

  4. have a lot of fun :-)

startuxcode's engine code is Copyright © 2003 by Mário Gamito Logo